Annual Hydrant Inspections

Annual hydrant inspections identifies OUT OF SERVICE hydrants, low pressure areas, verifies water system reliability, freshens the water supply, and identifies needed repairs. Our comprehensive reporting provided with annual inspections helps lower your ISO rating. Inspecting hydrants annually ensures citizens and city personnel their water distribution system is at its full potential and provides valuable data to effectively fight fires during an emergency.

Water systems are continuously affected by new construction, scheduled maintenance, erosion, and other activities. It is vital to annually conduct comprehensive hydrant inspections to verify all fire hydrants are fully operational. All fire hydrants are required to be verified to work on an annual basis. After verifying operability, it is equally important to maintain proper records indicating all work that was performed and any problems remedied and/or maintenance performed.

Hydrant Pressure Testing

An annual testing program includes: fully pressurizing each hydrant, flow testing each hydrant, assigned flow classifications, residual testing to calculate water distribution system capacities, assigned ISO classifications, locating low-pressure areas, and analyzing hydrant pressures to identify areas affected by valve closures. Cities, water departments, fire departments, and utility districts often do not have the manpower or time to physically test each hydrant within the system.


After a fire hydrant survey is complete, a Fire Hydrant Survey Report is provided outlining all information gathered during the survey in an organized manner.

We are here to answer questions regarding hydrant testing, inspections, ISO condition classifications.